Victoria Filina, Designer and Owner of Tineola, Kreuzberg

July 25, 2017

Victoria Filina is the owner of studio Tineola in Kreuzberg from where she has developed her brand of the same name which features several lines of accessories. The first line of accessories has been designed to harmonize with the more casual attire of everyday life. The second line has been designed for more special occasions such as a night on the dance floor or going out on a date. Victoria says of her works that they “give the wearer confidence, as if somebody is holding you by the hand as you wear them”.  The third line is intended as elements of costume to be worn on the stage and enhance performances. These accessories illicit a special mood. All the products that Victoria makes are handmade and it is important that the designer herself would also love to wear them. “If I see that someone likes my accessory, that it suits the individual, that makes me happy.”

Victoria’s accessories are created for free-spirited, confident people who take pride in their appearance and enjoy the spotlight. “The most important thing for me is that my clients and I are pretty much on the same page. Some people like circles, others prefer squares, someone may love the color red color whereas someone else will hate it and always chose green. It is hard to express [these preferences] in words”.

Victoria grew up in Volgograd, Russia but she also lived in Moscow for a couple of years. Berlin, her current home town, is a city that she appreciates provides a special inspiration with its creative atmosphere. Often upon first seeing work her designs people immediately comment on their distinct “Berlin style”. It is difficult for Victoria to explain exactly why so many people react to her work like this: “Probably it is because I breathe this air as I create my products, inspired by Berlin”.

To find out more about Victoria and her store visit her website

*Text by guest author Ekaterina Astafyeva
**Photos by Beatrice Grundheber

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