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    Victoria Filina, Designer and Owner of Tineola, Kreuzberg

    July 25, 2017

    Victoria Filina is the owner of studio Tineola in Kreuzberg from where she has developed her brand of the same name which features several lines of accessories. The first line of accessories has been designed to harmonize with the more casual attire of everyday life. The second line has been designed for more special occasions such as a night on the dance floor or going out on a date. Victoria says of her works that they “give the wearer confidence,…

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    Niina Pechkovskaya, Illustrator, Neukölln

    This is Niina. Yes, Niina with double “i”. Niina was born in Saint Petersburg and when she was only two years old, she moved to Tallinn, Estonia. “The word ‘nina’ in Estonian means ‘nose’,”…

    November 1, 2015