Zhanna Gibert, Interpreter & Fashion Enthusiast, Neukölln

September 21, 2016

Zhanna was born in Omsk, Russia although she grew up in Kazakhstan. She went back to her home town in order to study Intercultural Communication and languages at university; German, French and Turkish to be exact. Her love to languages led her to leave university in Omsk without a completed degree to continue her studies in Göttingen, Germany. There she went on to study Arabic and Islamic studies as well as Romanic languages. Nowadays this multi-linguist works as a language interpreter for economic fairs worldwide. The large part of her work in this field involves translating from German and Russian to Italian, French and Arabic.

In 2010, Zhanna finally settled in Berlin. “I’ve always felt drawn to the city,” the fashion enthusiast reveals “I love Berlin’s diversity, freedom, peace, parks and museums – in no particular order!”. Zhanna lives in her Neukölln apartment from where she also designs jewelry and sells vintage fashion – her two main passions at the moment.

The interpreter and fashion enthusiast regularly organizes swap parties to which she invites friends and friends of friends. “I like to connecting people,” Zhanna says “I aim to build a network of creative people from different parts of the world.” At her vintage swap parties people get talking to one another which gives them the chance to exchange ideas. Sometimes they can even end up working together, which is always exciting. Besides her concept of ‘conscious exchange’ — how Zhanna likes to put it —  her swap parties are also great for getting rid of old things while at the same time picking up new fashion pieces, without spending any money. Some of the people she met at her parties have become friends who now meet regularly for ‘creative sessions’ according to Zhanna. Essentially they are occasions of brainstorming and sharing of creative energies where young creatives from different countries exchange their ideas.

To get in touch Zhanna and her friends follow to her on Facebook and/or Instagram.  You can buy Zhanna’s vintage clothing online at Kleiderkreisel. Her own website and web shop will be up soon.

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