Nadja Koroleva, Kindergarten teacher, Wedding

May 17, 2015

This is Nadja. Nadja is originally from Moscow and moved to Berlin 2,5 years ago. In Moscow she worked for the British Higher School of Art & Design as well as a PR agent for the popular digital magazine Look at me. “Living in Moscow and working in marketing bored me,” Nadja says, “and I needed to move abroad.” At first, she was thinking about either moving to the US or to Berlin. She had never been away from home and since Berlin was only one cheap flight ticket away, it felt like the right city for her. A decision she didn’t regret. “I love Berlin,” she says. “Although it is such a cliché, I really enjoy the feeling of freedom in the city and that nobody cares about the way you look.” Nadja gave up working in public relations and she does something new now and something she really enjoys: She is a kindergarten teacher at a day-care center in Charlottenburg. “And one day,” Nadja tells me, “I hope to open up my very own kindergarten.”

Nadja left Berlin a while ago. She now lives and works in Moscow as a Kindergarten teacher.


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