Robert Kuchling, Owner of Art Gallery, Prenzlauer Berg

August 10, 2014

Robert isn’t Russian but the exhibition in his gallery in Prenzlauer Berg is. Together with his brother he opened Galerie Kuchling in 2010. Right now the gallery is showing “Salat s maslom, Ukraine – Russland heiter bis stürmisch”, an exhibition that holds drawings, graphics and animations by Diana Vishnevskaya and Igor Zwetkow – two Russian artists from St. Petersburg, as well as photographs from Jörg Schulz and Tadeusz Kovalczyk. In their works the artists aim to reflect the happenings in the Ukraine and Russia right now and try to show their very own perspective and opinion. If you want to see their works you have to hurry up. Kuchling Galery will be showing “Salat s maslom” until August 29th.

Galerie Kuchling, Prenzlauer Allee 188, 10405 Berlin,, Opening hours: Wed-Fri 5pm-8pm, Sa & So 3pm-8pm

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