Rimma Günther, Hairdresser & Make-up Artist, Wilmersdorf

May 31, 2015

This is the lovely Rimma Günther. Rimma was born and raised in Crimea until she came straight to Berlin. That was in 2003. In Ukraine she had already worked as a make-up artist and only knowing a little German, she decided to start her vocational training as a hairdresser in Berlin. After three years of work as well as much language practice in German she graduated best in her class. As a result, she decided to do some further educational training as a hairdresser as well as a make-up artist. Today, she is part of the renowned beauty institutes Beauvité and Beautico. As a master of her trade she is well-known and very popular among Russian celebrities and high society of the German capital. “I love Berlin,” Rimma says, “it is very inspirational! The city gives you everything you want and therefore there are so many creative people in the city.” Rimma is one of them. And if you make an appointment, you’ll see for yourself.

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