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    Sergey Medvedev, Activist, Wedding

    April 24, 2018

    Sergey Medvedev is the managing director of Dekabristen e.V., a German-Russian NGO that aims to build exchange programs for young professionals and social innovators from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and regions in the South Caucasus. While interviewing Sergey we learned much about his journey from Russia to Germany, why he loves working for the Dekabristen e.V. as well as why drinking Samogon and singing Russian Perestroika rock songs at the bonfire back in Russia form some of his fondest memories. Where are you from? I come from Voronezh, a town on the Voronezh river south-western Russia. What is the strongest memory…

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  • Olga Vaulina, PR Specialist & ambassador for zagran,me – An Interview by - Digital Platform for Russian-Speaking Expats in German

    Olga Vaulina, PR Specialist, Schöneberg-Friedenau

    Olga Vaulina is a PR publicist and an ambassador for, an international community of Russian female professionals living abroad. We met Olga in Schöneberg-Friedenau, sat down for some coffee and asked her a couple…

    April 5, 2018
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    Panivalkova @PANDA Theater, 14th June 2017

    Panivalkova is a female multi-instrumental trio from Ukraine formed by Ira Luzina, Irina Kulshenko and Daria Pugachova. The band started performing in 2013. Their first European tour brings them to Berlin on 14th June 2017.…

    June 11, 2017
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    DakhaBrakha @Festsaal Kreuzberg, 13th June 2017

    Ukrainian contemporary world music band DakhaBrakha will present their new album “The Road” at Festsaal Kreuzberg on 13th June 2017.   DakhaBrakha is still somewhat of a cult phenomenon in Ukraine. For the past five years,…

    June 4, 2017