Alexander Grüner, Owner of Kvartira 62, Kreuzberg

June 29, 2014

This is Alexander. Alexander grew up in Yekaterinburg and moved to Berlin when he was 16. That was in 1998. In 2008 he opened the probably best Russian bar in town: Kvartira 62. The cozy bar in Kreuzberg serves great Russian and Ukrainian Vodka and also Zhiguli and Baltika, two Russian beers from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Until 11 pm they offer a variety of yummy Russian food such as Pelmeni or Vareninki, which goes excellent with vodka by the way, and if you should be hungry after 11 pm you can always order some Borscht with Smetana. “My mom makes the Pelmeni”, he says, and his dad is in charge of the Shashlik which is being served at one of the many cultural events in Russian or German hosted by Kvartira. What Alexander likes best about Berlin? “That it isn’t pretentious”, he says. “Nobody takes himself too serious”, he adds. “It’s like you are sitting next to a famous person and you are having a beer together. That is Berlin.” And that is exactly what you will find at Kvartira 62.

Kvartira Nr. 62, Lübbener Straße 18, Kreuzberg, U-bahn: Schlesisches Tor, Görlitzer Bahnhof, Opening hours: Mon-Thu & Sun: 5:00 pm-2:00 am, Fri-Sat: 5:00 pm-4:00 am

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