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    Book Review: Mitja Vachedin ‘Angels speak Russian’

    November 21, 2017

    Mitja Vachedin was born in 1982 in today’s St Petersburg. He spent the first twenty years of his life in communist, and then the following capitalist Russia, until he moved to Germany where he went on to study political science, Slavic studies and script writing. ‘Angels speak Russian’ is his debut novel in the German language. Mitja has great talent for both prose and script writing. As soon as the novel begins, one feels immediately projected into the novel’s mise…

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  • Genia Markova

    Genia Markova, Poet, Charlottenburg

    This is Genia (pronounced Zhenya). Genia was born in Ukraine and lived in Tel Aviv for a while until she moved to Germany for her studies in 2001. To Berlin she came six years…

    July 7, 2014