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    Berlinograd 1920s

    Berlinograd 1920s: In Conversation with Gala

    January 24, 2018

    Gala, first named Elena Diakonova, was born in the Russian Empire and moved to Switzerland at an early age then later to Paris, where she married the young poet Paul Éluard. She was a feminist of the highest order. She viewed herself simultaneously as a feisty woman but also a muse who could be called upon to serve an artist on the path to absolute success, thereby gaining fame and immortality herself. Gala is undisputedly an important figure of the…

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    Genia Markova, Poet, Charlottenburg

    This is Genia (pronounced Zhenya). Genia was born in Ukraine and lived in Tel Aviv for a while until she moved to Germany for her studies in 2001. To Berlin she came six years…

    July 7, 2014