Artem Hein, Owner of Vater Bar, Neukölln

July 20, 2014

So Ladies, this is Artem. Artem is Russian-German and came from Russia to Germany when he was only 9 years old. To Berlin he moved five years ago. “There is no one Berlin”, he says, “there are thousands of different Berlins and you can choose whoever you want to be.” Artem chose the be the Co-Owner of a great Russian bar not far from Panierstraße in Neukölln. The idea was to open a space which resembles a Soviet/Russian sort of datcha/living room from the 80s/90s (and yes, there can’t be enough slashes). The probably best feature about this bar, besides its interior design and the very handsome host of course, are the authentic Russian drinks being served. Drinks such as A Girl Called Lenka with Russian Krem Soda, Zhenya bandit, a modification of Eugene Dangerous, or Bojarskij, a schnapps I never liked much while living in Russia but now reminds me of good times with my Russian friends in Petersburg and Moscow. Come and see for yourself. And for only one Euro you can invite the lovely person right next to you for a Bojarskij, and if you are lucky, you’ll make some new Russian friends in Berlin.

Vater Bar, Reuterstraße 27, Neukölln, U-Bahn: Hermannplatz, Opening hours: daily from 8pm

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