Roman Matyushkin, Scholar & Blogger, Friedrichshain

December 14, 2015

This is Roman. Roman was born and raised in the north of Moscow, close to the metro station „WDNH“. The young Muscovite tells me that he left Russia for the first time when he was 16 years old. His destination: Germany – as an exchange student for one year. „I lived with a Swabian host family in a small town close to Stuttgart for seven months,“ he tells me, but then changed his host family in order to live in Berlin for the last three months of his year. Funnily enough his host family in Berlin was Swabian too.
When he came back to Russia, he decided to study German and English for teaching position at the University of Moscow. „I needed to get rid of my Swabian accent,” he jokes and laughs, “and I finally wanted to learn proper German!”
After his studies in Russia he came back to Germany in order to study Mass Media, Psychology and Intercultural Business Communication at the University of Jena. After successfully finishing his second degree he received a scholarship from the Foundation of German Economy. He is writing his PhD thesis in Intercultural Communication right now and his thesis will be due in April next year.
In addition to that, Roman is the co-founder and editor of Monpacie Magazine. Monpacie Magazine is a new international blogazine about fashion, urban culture, unusual places and people. Roman and his co-founder Stephan publish articles about German and Russian city life. “There are only a few blogs in Russian language,” he tells me. „Most of my Russian friends are very interested in lifestyle blogs but usually they are in English and not really well written.“ Monpacie Magazine is written in German and Russian. The name, by the way, resembles to tiny Russian candies. “They are colorful and sweet,” Roman says. Just like Monpacie Magazine, his blogazine soon to come.

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