Beatrice Grundheber, Russian philologist & Blogger, Neukölln

April 5, 2015

Hi, my name is Bea. I am German and I was born and raised in Trier, a small town close to Luxemburg. When I was a teenager I always wanted to get out and see the world so as soon as I turned 18, I moved to New York City for a year. When I came back to Germany, my Russian friends were the dearest to me which triggered my decision to start a university degree in Russian Studies and Eastern European History. A couple of years in Mainz, Frankfurt and St. Petersburg followed, until I finally decided to move to Berlin for good. “Russian culture and especially its people have always fascinated me – their sincerity, unconditional passion and their creativity in all areas of life, music and the arts,” it says on Berlinograd.com, the blog I started a year ago, as a project that was near and dear to me. It is my attempt to introduce you to all those sincere and passionate Russian-Berliners, who remind me of my friends in Petersburg and Moscow and who participate in making Berlin a little more beautiful. “What do I love most about our wonderful city?”, I ask myself, “Well, it may sound crazy but I love that doors in public transportation always open a tiny bit before the vehicle stands still.”

Bea is the founder of berlinograd.com. She has written a short story about Saint Petersburg for the Travelettes-Book by Katja Hentschel and she works for a PR agency in Berlin.

Photographed in Mitte by Sergej Bitsch

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    Thank you, Maria and Natalia. I saw your work and it would be lovely writing about you and your work 🙂

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