Olga Leise, Writer, Blogger and Mommy, Friedrichshain

August 24, 2014

This is Olga. Olga is from Odessa, Ukraine and came to Germany with her mom and her little brother shortly before her 13th birthday. She lived in Bingen and then moved to Mainz in order to study Comparative Literature and Russian Studies. To Berlin she came with her boyfriend in 2011, and they both started working for the film industry. Her boyfriend became her husband just one year later, and Ada, their little daughter was born this year. Besides Ada, she also gave birth to another child: her blog Ola Terrible. In Ola Terrible she blogs about life and her perspective on society, culture and the world. “I want write about things from my point of view. From my perspective as an immigrant, a movie lover as well as a mommy”, she says. What does she love about Berlin? That it reminds her of home; that in summer it always feels like she is on vacation. “And also”, she remarks, “that without any pressure you can absolutely be yourself”. And who is Olga? Well, about that you can read in her blog.

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