Jimmy Magsevi, Singer, Mitte

March 1, 2015
Jimmy Magsevi

This is Jimmy. Jimmy was born and raised in Siberia and moved to San Francisco in his 20s. For the past 17 years he has been living between Switzerland, Austria and San Francisco until he finally decided to come to Berlin in order to join the Berlin State Opera as a tenor in 2001. “I love Berlin,” he says. “I love the multicultural experiences in the city and that Berlin is very safe.” Besides his work at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin as a tenor, he is currently working on a couple of projects: He composes and sings Artpop songs, love songs as well as “funny and friendly Russian punk rock,” how Jimmy puts it himself. In addition to that, he performs with different singers, groups and/or orchestras at gala events. His websites states that the singer is a master in transforming musical styles and genres, new countries and cities, into his own musical interpretation. But I am much more intrigued by the fact that in Berlin he enjoys traveling by public transportation. According to Jimmy, it is the best way to get anywhere in our wonderful city.

For more information about Jimmy and his music go to his and follow him on Facebook.

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