Ruberoid Festival, Kunsthaus ACUD, 25th to 26th of September

September 24, 2015

My very favorite Russian alternative arts festival in the world is taking place in Berlin this weekend, and I can’t wait to meet all those great (Russian-speaking) Berliners.

Ruberoid Festival is an intercultural arts festival created by young Russian-speaking creatives, who – after a huge success in 2013 and 2014 – have luckily come together in order to organize this beautiful event once again. Just like the years before, there will be concerts, art exhibitions, theater performances, movie screenings as well as workshops for kids and grown ups. Many Berlinograders (which were also featured in this blog) will be exhibiting their art works and my favorite Berlin-based Russian band SkaZka Orchestra will be performing on Saturday. In addition to that, this year the Ruberoid team was supported with advice by the popular author and columnist Wladimir Kaminer, Berlin-based Russian painter Dmitri Wrubel and many others.

Ruberoid is an open-minded and lovely festival created and organized by ambitious young Russian-speaking creatives. If you enjoy and honor the work of enthusiastic Berlinograders – Ruberoid is the festival for you. See you there, Berlinograders and let’s show them some love. They surely do.

For more information about Ruberoid visit their website and follow them on Facebook. Join their Facebook event now.

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