Beach Brewer BBQ – Our favorite (Russian) event at Beer Week Festival in Berlin

July 13, 2016

Last weekend I was delighted to accept an invitation to СraftZentrum Berlin, a contract brewing and bottling center which is about to open at Havelwerke Berlin. Havelwerke is a beautiful old industrial complex close to Spandau, about 40 minutes from Alexanderplatz Berlin. Situated at Havel river with a very beautiful (and private) beach, you’ll find the former Prussian gunpowder factory which nowadays has been transformed into a stunning industrial park. Walking around the area I’m somehow reminded of Novaya Gollandiya (New Holland), a little island within the city center of Saint Petersburg – a space for galleries and a museum which is very popular among young Russian people.

Havelwerke Berlin

A feeling of „Novaya Gollandiya” at Havelwerke Berlin

Maria and Ivan, the lovely co-owners and managers of the CraftZentrum Berlin, have grand plans for their share of the complex this year. Together with partners from Russia and Bavaria they’ve already opened a showroom for designer furniture and household accessories – LLLOOCH store. The showroom is also double as a space for one of their many craft beer tastings. “Showrooms for design furniture, in my opinion, often lack a big portion of life,” Ivan admits. The young beer enthusiast tells me that places which serve craft beer, due to the higher beer prices, will often instead put all their money into the product, and not into the location. “That is something which always bothered me and what I wanted to change” Ivan says. “And therefore we created a place where discerning people can drink great beer in a stylish environment.”

The lovely Russian couple Ivan and Maria

LLLOOCH Showroom

Russian furniture design meets craft beer

CraftZentrum Berlin

CraftZentrum Berlin – soon-to-be the contract brewing and bottling center at Havelwerke Berlin

Over the course of the Berlin Beer Week 2016 which is taking place from the 22nd until 30th of July the Russian couple is opening the showroom as well as their soon-to-be brewing site to all Berliners. On Saturday, 23rd of July, they are hosting a very special event where the best brewers from Wroclaw, Krakow, Chisinau, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar have been invited to present their beers in the beautiful showroom. While these special beers are making the rounds on their very own private beach throughout the day, food will be served by Gorilla-Barbecue. On Sunday, all Berliners are welcome to relax at the beach and/or enjoy one of the many attractions such as bouldering and industrial cinema. Here, of course, beers from Russia, Poland, Moldova, Germany and the UK will be served as well.

Havel river

Lovely view from the beach to Spandau and its Citadel

Beer coupons can be purchased online. For 10 Euros by pre-sale (12 Euros at the box office) you get 8 doses of craft beer and a special glass as a present. For 19 Euros a craft beer tasting on Saturday will be included.

For those of you who just wish to drop by and enjoy a yummy craft beer at the beach can simply come by. There you will find 0,1l craft beer being sold for a very fair price of 1 Euro.

Hope to see you there, Berlinograders. I, for one, will certainly be there!

Opening Hours
Saturday, 23rd of July: 10am to 8pm
Sunday, 24th of July: 10am to 8pm

CraftZentrum Berlin | Telegrafenweg 21 | 13599 Berlin
Phone: +49 176 5379 5612
U7 Haselhorst
Visit their Facebook and/or Facebook Event. You can buy tickets online at Eventbrite.


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