Lovely day at Beach Brewer BBQ

July 24, 2016

We had a lovely time at Beach Brewer BBQ at CraftZentrum Berlin yesterday. We learned all about the different draft beers in a guided beer tasting tour, visited the beautiful old industrial complex of Havelwerke Berlin and hung out at the beach while enjoying South African Braai and yummy draft beers from Russia, Poland, Moldova and Germany. Also we met many great people and had interesting talks with the visiting brewers from Russia and Poland.

For all of you who haven’t been able to come by yesterday will have the chance to drop by today. All Berliners are welcome to relax at the beach or enjoy one of the many attractions. Here, of course, draft beers from Eastern Europe will be served as well.

For more information check out our latest article on berlinograd and/or go to CraftZentrum’s Facebook or Facebook Event.

Opening Hours
Sunday, 24th of July: 10am to 8pm

CraftZentrum Berlin | Telegrafenweg 21 | 13599 Berlin
Phone: +49 176 5379 5612
U7 Haselhorst

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