Viktor Weinberg, Organizer of RuBERoid Festival & Musician, Tempelhof

October 26, 2014

This is Viktor. Viktor was born in Voronezh, Russia and came to Berlin when he was twelve years old. He has lived in Berlin ever since. “Berlin is great and young of course,” he says. “In Berlin the whole world is at home just like in Paris or New York City, but it is not as expensive. Also,” he continues, “there is more space and you feel freer than in any other city”. Viktor has been making music ever since he can remember. In Russia he received his first music education and now he plays guitar in a band called Lila von Grau, which combines elements from Folk, Pop and Rock. “I don’t like to stick to just one job,” he says, “I am way too energetic for that.” Therefore, he is also one of the organizers of RuBERoid Festival in Berlin-Marienfelde from 7-8 November this year. “The festival is one of a kind in Berlin,” he says. “RuBERoid has become dear to my heart and now I am way more involved than actually expected in the beginning.” As a trained musician, Viktor is in charge of RuBERoid’s music section.

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