Vlad Margulis (38), Photographer and Cinematographer, Mitte

July 13, 2014

Meet Vlad. Vlad was born in Magnitogorsk and moved to Israel when he 16 years old. It took him 21 years in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem until he finally moved to Berlin last year. “It was something I was thinking about for a long time”, he says. In 2002 he came for the first time and stayed in the city for two months. “For me it was a totally exciting place”, he remembers, “I was absolutely fascinated by the city. It was completely different and so full of life”. Vlad continues, “I remember myself drinking a beer for a Euro and crying for happiness!” Now he smiles. “Today the city changed and so did I. This was my last chance to change my life”, he says, “and so I came to Berlin … again.”

Vlad is a freelanced photographer and cinematographer in Berlin and you can have a look at his work at

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