Nikita Pavlov (33), Filmmaker & Photographer, Lichtenberg

August 10, 2015

Meet Nikita Pavlov – photographer and filmmaker from Moscow, Russia. Nikita was born in the Russian capital and left his country when he was 25 years old. “I wanted to get out and since I am Jewish moving to Israel was the easiest for me,” Nikita tells me. He stayed in Jerusalem, Israel for the next 4 years. To Berlin he moved about 3 years ago. “Every artist in Israel dreams of Berlin as an artists’ mecca,” he says. Nikita is an established photographer in Russia who has already published a book with his photographs. In addition to that he released a documentary called When New Year Comes on Shabbat in 2012, “a very private diary about his friends in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Jerusalem doing political art,” he says, including the Russian street-art group Voina known for their provocative and political works of performance art. “It is a movie about people like me who are living between two worlds,” he says. Right now he is working as a cinematographer on two different movies. First of them, a political documentary about Russia. Second, a movie about the Russian artist Iliazd who lived most of his life in Paris. At the end of our conversation I ask him if there is anything he would like to add to the interview. “Yeah,” he answers, “I am a hobby bread maker.”

For more information about Nikita and his photography visit his website For news on his upcoming movie Iliazd follow him on Facebook.

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