Nico Dourandine & Eduard Eichmann, Publicists & Event Managers, Lichtenberg

August 23, 2014

Meet Eduard and Nico. Eduard was born in Bishkek, Kirghistan and grew up in Tashkent until he moved to Berlin with his family in 2000. Nico is a real Petersburger and came to the German capital about five years ago. They first lived in Berlin for a while, met, and then decided to move to Würzburg together for work. While working as event managers, mainly for cultural-political events in Southern Germany, they quickly decided to move back to Berlin to continue their work, but this time with a focus on Russian cultural events. “Culture is a medium, that doesn’t have any nationality,” Eduard says. “Through cultural events we aim to bring people together, and despite what’s happening in politics right now, we try to communicate without any criticism, rather with joy and positive energy,” they say. Eduard and Nico worked on various projects in Berlin so far: A reading by the Russian author Julia Basova for example, a joined PR campaign for the famous Russian Comedy Club which was guest performing in Berlin as well as for Radio Russkij Berlin – the only Russian radio station in and for Berlin. “So guys,” I ask them, “what do you love most about this wonderful city?” “Berlin’s diversity,” they answer, “its great offer in cultural events, and that you can be the person you actually are,” both nodding their heads in agreement.

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