Genia Markova & Anna Deeva, Initiators and Organizers of RuBERoid Festival, Berlin

October 5, 2014

You’ve already met Anna and Genia, but yet there is another good reason to write about them again: RuBERoid Festival in Berlin-Marienfelde from 7-8 November, 2014. RuBERoid festival is an alternative Russian art festival by young Russian creatives for young Russian creatives. After a huge success in 2013, RuBERoid will be held for the second time this year. “So why do you organize the festival?, I ask. “We want to motivate young Russian artists and we want to give them a platform as well as the chance to perform in front of a big audience”, they say. “Also, we want to discover new talents, to introduce them to each other and encourage them to stay in touch with each other.” The festival will be held from Friday night to Saturday night. While Anna is one of the main organizers and in charge of the categories Design and Performances, Genia is responsible for poetry and literature. Besides that, there will be anything art related from concerts to photography and art exhibitions, theater performances, light installations, as well as workshops for kids and grown ups. RuBERoid Festival is one of a kind in Berlin, and if you are into the arts and into young Russian creatives, you sure shouldn’t miss it!

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