Mark Gritsenko, Musician, Lichtenberg

February 8, 2015
Mark Gritsenko

Meet Mark. Mark was born in Odessa, Ukraine and moved to Kiev when he was eight years old. This is where he grew up and started his career as a musician. “I’ve been making music since I was ten years old. When I graduated from high school I realized that I want to do music professionally.” As a result Mark founded his band Marakesh and released his first record. They became very successful especially in Russia. “It was an amazing time,” he remembers. “We were touring Eastern and Western Europe playing together with Placebo as an opening act. Lots of my dreams came true!” Two years ago Mark moved to Germany with his girlfriend Daria. “I grew up and I wanted to invent myself new.” As a result, he and his girlfirend started their band Four Phonica. They play Alternative Rock & Electronic Music and they are well-known for #songblitz – a project where 350 fans contributed samples, melodies, videos and vocals in order to perform a song with them together. “What really fascinates me about Berlin is how people behave in the city,” Mark answers my question about what he likes best about his new home. “I love how Berliners interact with each other,” he continues. “Without the need of a bigger force who dictates this behavior the city is charged with peacefulness, friendliness and optimism. Berlin is a very self-conscious city.”

For more information about Mark and his band Four Phonica and like him on Facebook. Also have a look at his project #songblitz.

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