Katya Fialkova (36), Artist, Kreuzberg

December 2, 2014
Katya Fialkova

This is Katya. Katya is a Russian-American artist, who came to live in Berlin about two years ago. Before that she lived in various places: Mexico, Israel and Bahamas – just to name a few. „Berlin feels just like the right place for me,“ she says. „I have Russian and American roots – my mom lives in New York City and my dad is in Moscow. To me, living in Berlin feels like living in the middle of both places.“ Her mom left Russia in 1981. Her destination: New York City. Katya was three years old. What she loves about her new home? Its fascinating history, its diversity as well as its energy. „People seem less focused on money,“ she says, „rather they focus on doing what they love to do.“ Katya’s works have been focused on natural and built landscapes. Last summer she started Sparrow Gallery with photographer Marius Flucht, a nomadic pop-up gallery showing under-represented artists in Berlin’s “in-betweeen spaces.” To find out more about Katya and her amazing artwork go to her website and/or have a look at Sparrow Gallery.

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