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Ani Menua


    Ani Menua: On Art & Music

    August 29, 2019

    What is art and what is its purpose? I see the purpose of art in promoting humanity and certain moral norms, while choosing to refrain from the moral concept of moralists and understanding moral as a positive and deeply human construct, in which many different people meet respectfully for each other's convictions, exchanging ideas through art.…

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  • Nomads Land - The Kazakhstan Project by Dieter Seitz

    Book Review: The Kazakhstan Project “Nomads Land”

    Our author Ani Menua had a closer look at Dieter Seitz’ Kazakhstan Project titled “Nomads Land” published by Hatje Cantz Publishing Berlin. Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries on our planet. Due to its…

    July 8, 2018
  • Books

    Book Review: On “Moskva” by Sandra Ratkovic

    With her documentary photographs in the illustrated book “Moskva” Sandra Ratkovic directs her gaze to the ordinary everyday life of the people in Moscow and captures with her camera strange, absurd and bizarre moments…

    March 6, 2018
  • Books

    Book Review: On “Provintsiya”

    The photographer Heinrich Völkel and the poet Hendrick Jackson embark on a literary journey through the vastly unknown Russian province. This journey is premised on the thesis that essentially all places outside of Moscow…

    February 13, 2018