Alisa Ten & The Crazy Dilizhans @P.A.N.D.A Theater, 15.02.18

February 11, 2018

“Well, where do we have a concert now?”

Alisa Ten (an amazing Moscow singer with an incredible vocal and repertoire range): “Maybe in Moscow?”

Rust Pozyumsky (St. Petersburg baroque living legend): “Or, better yet, in St. Petersburg?”

Natasha Timofeeva (femme fatale of Moscow baroque community, who escaped to Paris): “Don’t understand what’s all this about? (boiling over) Of course, in Paris!”

Petr Goriev (a Moscow-Berlin poet, musician and cultural figure): “Don’t fight guys! Better come to Berlin!”

Thierry Runarvot (the famous Breton musician): “OK. Les carottes sont cuites! “(The carrots are done)

So please welcome:

Alisa Ten, two violas and a contrabass in “Le miracle de l’amour” project for you to enjoy the CRAZY DILIGENCE program of instrumental and vocal music in neo-baroque style. Lyrics by Thomas Eliot, Rainer Maria Rilke, Osip Mandelstam, Hermann Hesse and Rust Pozyumsky. Own music, talk show and crazy diligence … sorry, crazy intelligence by Rust Pozyumsky.

Alisa Ten & The Crazy Dilizhans @P.A.N.D.A Theater 

When: 15 February 2018, 8pm
Where: P.A.N.D.A Theater, Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
How to get there: U2 Eberswalder Str., Tram: M1, M10, 12
How much: 15€ / 10€ pre-order ( / 8€ conc.

For more info please visit the Facebook event!


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