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June 2017


    Panivalkova @PANDA Theater, 14th June 2017

    June 11, 2017

    Panivalkova is a female multi-instrumental trio from Ukraine formed by Ira Luzina, Irina Kulshenko and Daria Pugachova. The band started performing in 2013. Their first European tour brings them to Berlin on 14th June 2017. Except of traditional musical instruments (keyboard, drums and ukulele) the trio amuses the public by playing more unique and rare musical instruments such as güiro, castanets, vibraslap, ocarina, flexatone, kazoo and even the door keys. Music of Panivalkova is a combination of tenderness and witty irony…

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    DakhaBrakha @Festsaal Kreuzberg, 13th June 2017

    Ukrainian contemporary world music band DakhaBrakha will present their new album “The Road” at Festsaal Kreuzberg on 13th June 2017.   DakhaBrakha is still somewhat of a cult phenomenon in Ukraine. For the past five years,…

    June 4, 2017