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April 2017


    Yulia Belousova, Art Curator & Performance Artist, Mitte

    April 26, 2017

    Yulia Belousova grew-up amongst an artistic milieu in Moscow. Her parents, especially her mother who was an urban planner, had a friendship circle that included many Russian artists. Life as an artist in Russia is very different from the artist’s life in Germany Yulia tells me. Due to the lack of government funding many artists spent their weekends in the countryside, stayed away from commerce and just enjoyed being artists. “When I told my parents back then that I wanted to be an artist, they…

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  • Events

    Pelmeni Slam at Kauz & Kiebitz, 18th April 2016

    Every Tuesday Kauz & Kiebitz sublet their kitchen to ambitious Streetfood projects to present the best food from all over the world. Today they will turn East and the talented Hungarian Berliner Júlia of Pelmeni Slam will…

    April 18, 2017