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March 2015


    Vadim Tabert, Sound engineer, Producer and MC/Rapper, Pankow

    March 29, 2015
    Vadim Tabert

    This is Vadim. Vadim came all the way from Kyrgyzstan to Germany when he was only twelve years old. Back than, his Russian-German family followed the path of his grandparents who had already moved to Berlin-Weißensee a couple of years before. Vadim grew up in the German capital and he has only been away once, while living in Leverkusen for one year. “After leaving Kyrgyzstan, Berlin became my new home,” Vadim says, “and I remember dreaming of trains and planes…

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  • Jimmy Magsevi

    Jimmy Magsevi, Singer, Mitte

    This is Jimmy. Jimmy was born and raised in Siberia and moved to San Francisco in his 20s. For the past 17 years he has been living between Switzerland, Austria and San Francisco until…

    March 1, 2015